16th “Chinese Bridge” Competition Top 15 Announced

Updated:2017-08-09 16:59:53

Continent champions

  The 16th "Chinese Bridge" Competition top 15 were announced on August 2, including five continent champions, and ten first and second prize winners.

  The top 15 are:

  European Group:

Continent champion: BERNHARD (Chinese name: He Bende) from Germany (C)

  First prize winner: DAVID PATRICK (Chinese name: Ji Weiren) from the UK (L)

  Second prize winner: PAVEL (Chinese name: Lin Feng) from Russia (R)

  Asian Group:

Continent champion: BIN MUHAMAD SHAHMEER (Chinese name: Sha Mier) from Malaysia (C)

  First prize winner: ZOBAIDA TAHSIN (Chinese name: Wang Yamei) from Bangladesh (L)

  Second prize winner: STEVANUS (Chinese name: Liu Tiangui) from Indonesia (R)

  American Group

Continent champion: DANIEL PATRICK (Chinese name: Mu Chenpeng) from the USA (C)

  First prize winner: JOSE ANTONIO (Chinese name: Gong Hao) from the USA (L)

  Second prize winner: ALICIA ADRIANA (Chinese name: Ai Lisi) from Peru (R)

  Oceanian Group

Continent champion: ANNE-AELIS MYRIAM (Chinese name: Liu Siyuan) from Australia (C)

  First prize winner: CATHERINE JOELLE ANNE (Chinese name: Bai Li) from Australia (L)

  Second prize winner: NATHAN ROSS (Chinese name: Nan Shengjie) from New Zealand (R)

  African Group

Continent champion: MOHAMMED ELMOIEZ (Chinese name: Zhao Zhixing) from Sudan (C)

  First prize winner: NADA TAREK AHMED (Chinese name: Wei Qi) from Egypt (L)

  Second prize winner: WACHINOU LIONNEL PYRRHUS (Chinese name: Lai Ang) from Benin (R)

  The continent champions will compete for the title of global champion at the final on August 12.

  Chinese source: hunan.gov.cn